“Only for…”


To create awareness of common gender roles and expectations ;
To consider the implications of these expectations on behaviours and opportunities ;
To explore ways to respond to restrictive gender norms and expectations.
“Only for…”

Brief description of the issue

The world of sport and physical activity is strongly stereotypical and divided in function of gender. It is also a place where a lot of gender stereotypes are reproduced: “running/throwing/playing like a girl”, positive reinforcement of boys, link between masculinity and sport, etc. For students who are moving away from the stereotypes associated with their gender, physical education classes can be a place of bullying. Some students can also be refused access to a sport because of their gender. It is therefore very important to make sure we create a safe space for all children where they can liberate their potential in sport and physical activity, no matter what their gender is.

The LGBT Family Coalition adapted a short and efficient activity from UNESCO Thailand to deconstruct gender stereotypes associated with sports boys and girls should or should not practise. You will need very few material (a white board or flip charts and pens) and 30 to 45 minutes of time in order to facilitate this activity that can allow more students to feel comfortable practising the sports they really prefer.

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"Only for" - Lesson Plan
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