Learning respect for diversity


Make children aware of the harmful effect of homophobic insults, the reasons people use them, and the best ways to respond to them ;
Give students the opportunity to consider the places where intimidation occurs and how they can be transformed into more secure environments.
Learning respect for diversity

Brief description of the issue

Homophobic remarks, beliefs and actions are often rooted in gender stereotypes. The more we embrace gender stereotypes and believe them as natural and true, the more we are subject to see as “abnormal” anything that goes against those views of what should men and women be and do. Studies also shown that a strong endorsement of gender stereotypes is linked with a higher risk of dropping out of school (CSÉ, 1999). There is also an important link between students’ perception of support from their school and family and their academic success (LGBT Family Coalition, 2014).

The LGBT Family Coalition created a pamphlet to help those involved with children of 2nd and 3rd elementary cycles to promote respect for family diversity and prevent homophobia in the school. The document contains two classroom activities dealing with subjects such as hurtful language, prejudices, stereotypes, diversity and respect. Download the guide below!


Learning respect for diversity
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