Challenging Gender Stereotyping and Homophobia in Sports


Identify qualities that they associate with male and female athletes ;
Identify the attitudes they have about gender, sexual orientation, and athletics ;
Understand what stereotypes are and how they harm and limit people ;
Explore what stereotypes they may believe about gender and sexual orientation ;
Discuss how those stereotypes show up at their school ;
Make a plan for how to debunk stereotypes about gender and sexual orientation at school.
Challenging Gender Stereotyping and Homophobia in Sports

Brief description of the issue

The world of sport and physical activity is strongly stereotypical and divided in function of gender. It is also a place where a lot of gender stereotypes are reproduced: “running/throwing/playing like a girl”, positive reinforcement of boys, link between masculinity and sport, etc. For students who are moving away from the stereotypes associated with their gender, physical education classes can be a place of bullying which is, most of the time, homophobic bullying. It is therefore very important to make sure we create a safe space for all children where they can liberate their potential in sport and physical activity, no matter what their gender is, through hands-on activities like this one.

The Teaching Tolerance website has put together a variety of classroom resources in many social justice domains and on multiple topics. The mission of this organization is “to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy” by providing them free resources.

The Challenging Gender Stereotyping and Homophobia in Sports activity, according to the website, “discusses common characteristics and stereotypes that are associated with athletes.”

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